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According to the AICPA, the extended tax season is welcome news! It provides additional time for overtaxed accounting practitioners to understand the tax law changes and to provide the specialized help their clients need. As you go through this busy tax and audit season, we trust you'll find helpful these 10 ways for improving how your accounting firm works.



1  Unify previously disconnected workflows

2  Easily design work processes

3  Real-time client and team collaboration

4  Exchange documents securely

5  Manage robust, flexible resources


6  Simplify the experience for all

7  Automate work assignments 

8  Measure performance in real time

9  Compare hours worked and budgeted

10  Avii Intelligence brings it all together

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Watch 6 short videos that demonstrate how Avii Workspace helps accounting firms  improve their work processes.

The 10 Phases of Avii Workspace

Phase 1


Unify Previously Disconnected Workflows (People, Systems and Processes)

Avii Resource Management with Advanced Workflows accounting software lets you customize the way work should flow and then automates those processes to make your team more productive and efficient. This is invaluable, as most firms have 20 or more disconnected workflows. Until the systems that power those tasks are interconnected in a broad and unified platform, the data from one process can't speak to the next—they remain isolated and can't empower automation or AI.  But when they're unified, you can use your interconnectivity as fuel to drive forward your change management initiatives. 

Phase 2


Easily Design Simple or Sophisticated Work Processes

Imagine the ability to design processes that automatically drive human and automate behaviors and communications. Now imagine seeing them come to life in your firm. When you save a workflow design it actually comes to life in automation—whether it's 2 steps or 50, it's as easy as drag and drop.

Avii software lets you customize the way work will flow and establish work processes to make your team more productive and efficient. You enjoy the benefits of managing your resources, enabling task management, exchanging documents securely and keeping people informed with support for up to as many automated connections and behaviors as you like.

Phase 3


Client Portal and Real-time Client and Team Collaboration

Avii establishes a single portal for all exchanges between client and team and among team members. By bringing the entire client experience into one intuitive workspace—the Avii Client Experience—you can enable discussions, work sharing, communications, projects and much more. And your clients can also enjoy the benefits of a unified experience.ii, you g

  • Live state (status updates along the way)
  • Reminders
  • Visual dashboards
  • Automation between elements of communication 

Avii supports both clients and teams with contextual communication that is applicable to the work you are doing, in real time.  Everything is captured, so that as people come and go in your firm, people can be easily brought up to speed—no need to wade through forwarded emails or ask questions that have already been asked.

Personalized notification settings offer a breadth of choice to clients and users (text, mail, dashboard KPI notifications, etc.) This greatly reduces the instinct to carbon copy "everyone" in case they might need the information later on. Your inbox remains clean.

Phase 4


Exchange and Store Documents Securely

Avii Workspace includes a complete document management and storage system that makes it easy to exchange data and documents securely. Avii provides a complete document management and storage system with granular permissions that automates the upload and exchange of documents between clients and team.

With Avii, uploaded documents can prompt the next steps in a workflow process without the need for a human to move it.

Having documents reside in fewer places increases security, reduces search time and enables document retention/destruction policies.

Avii's document management provides more granular permissions than other typical solutions, allowing permissions to roll forward with templates from season to season.

Additionally, firms can apply different user permissions as needed within the same client organization. 

Phase 5


Manage Robust, Flexible Projects and Resources

Avii provides a comprehensive project management suite that makes getting started easy and makes on-time-and-on-budget projects a reality. Integrated into Avii Workspace, this robust solution includes tools for planning, budgeting, forecasting, task dependencies, discussions, and (of course) project, task and document management. These tools provide maximum transparency to your projects and bolster increased satisfaction among your clients.

Avii's design empowers both large volume, low touch work such as personal taxes and low volume, high touch work such as M&A or audit analysis with the help of templates and automated rollovers for permissionings.

Better still, we incorporate security to support compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, SOX, Medicaid and Medicare through a single secure portal, thanks to 20 years of audit experience. 

Phase 6


Simplify the Experience for All with a Unified Workspace

Avii Resource Management includes a project management suite with an integrated communication system. These resources make it easy to assign work, keep people informed and finish engagements on time. We eliminate wasted time by establishing a more consistent experience for clients and users.

Avii minimizes the number of systems employees and clients need to log into, reducing the time people waste all day long. Email load is substantially reduced—when you need something, you simply go to the workspace.

Cloud based architecture allows 24/7 and 365 access for everyone. Clients and employees can interact with all aspects of the system at any time and from any location. 



Automate Work Assignments by Competencies

Avii matches your team competencies with the work to be done, automatically adding items to team members' queues according to their competencies and specialties. The projects-to-practitioners matching in Avii streamlines projects and promotes team unity.

The Project Queue makes it easy to identify and select work based on your competencies and availability.

Phase 8


Improve and Measure Profitability and Performance in Real Time

Avii Firm Performance helps you streamline your ability to allocate team members and other resources. Avii provides you with real-time and visual KPIs. By obtaining actionable data from workspace usage and the data itself, Avii helps to streamline resource planning on your current and future projects with budget-to-actual and utilization reports.

Avii's workflow editor allows you to visual lean process options/aims, convert them into visual workflows. The Workflow Creator allows you to meet with stakeholders and create workflows, then challenge them by clicking into any element seeing the options for 20 or more additional ways to automate workflows and instantly drive unified behavior across the firm. 

Phase 9


Track and Plan Project Hours Worked and Budgeted

Improve profit and performance with higher precision. Avii lets you quickly track and adjust time spent on projects, making invoicing and reporting a breeze. Because Avii integrates hours tracking with other analysis tools, you can easily make comparisons and shift resources that will help you stay on budget.

Timekeeping, hours, project planning and client invoicing all reside within a unified space. Unlike other systems, Avii's Time Tracker follows you as you jump between projects while you work in the system to give you evidence points through the day about what you did and when.

At the end of the week, it's an easy task to adjust and smooth as needed to produce a real-time record of work and reference points to use in assessing and smoothing out use of hours. You can use the resulting information to assess availability and support planning as well as feeding into the invoicing system. 

Phase 10


Avii Intelligence Brings It All Together

Avii Intelligence powers the entire Avii Workspace platform. It automates your essential practice management applications, improves team communications and enhances client transparency. Because Avii Intelligence brings together systems and data sources, its unparalleled connectivity surfaces those critical real-time insights that every firm needs to run more efficiently, productively and smarter.

Avii powers automation and human intelligence that can't occur when systems aren't interconnected. While people tend to think of AI as single steps and implementations, Avii allows something that happens early in the process and drives the accompanying decisions that occur at the end. 

Avii Intelligence unifies the power of all of your micro workflows and in doing so, takes all of your arrows and turns them into a spear. Your work processes are stronger together. Avii Intelligence brings their collective power to life. 

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We're Future Proof and Dynamic

We're not your grandmother's accounting software company. We're vibrant, we're a little bit edgy [or on the edge of things], and we like to have fun. And one of the main things we do differently is that we offer these capabilities, in all or in part, in any combination you like.

Choose one or choose all—and we'll bring it together with the traditional solutions you want to keep, or that you want to keep for the time being. We'll gladly serve as the sky bridge that integrates and connects to them all.

Watch How Avii Workspace Works

Watch 6 short videos that demonstrate how Avii Workspace helps accounting firms  improve their work processes.