The Top 10
Accounting Challenges Avii Resolves

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What you’ll learn in this webinar

We all love top 10 lists. So of everything you can accomplish best in a unified accounting management portal, we’d like to give you further detail on the ways to leverage the functions accounting firms depend upon and value the most. In this session, Avii Co-Founder and CEO Lyle Ball and Aprio CIO Dan Mallory will walk you through the details of our own Top 10 List, which will include the newest ways to design workflows, see detailed reporting, make assignments based on staff availability, and make client interface and document upload more seamless than ever. Plus six more top solutions you won’t want to miss as you work to make your firm more effective and profitable in 2021.

In this session you will learn:

  • The top 10 accounting software challenges a unified platform like Avii can solve
  • How to design simple or sophisticated accounting workflows
  • New ways to automate work assignments
  • How to streamline the tracking and management of hours worked vs budget

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